Hinkel "Emotional and powerful"
HINKEL is the solo project of Volker Hinkel, co-author/guitarist/producer of Fools Garden.
Founded for the first time in 1993 for the production of the album "In The Wake Of Thunder"
(1994), this project had a brand new start in 2002 when Dirk Blümlein (bass) and 
Claus Müller
(drums) joined the line-up.
The 3-piece band worked on a new album, "Not A Life-Saving Device", which was released
in August 2005.
In 2006 Hinkel comes to MySpace and starts a proficuous web marketing campaign.
Hinkel is currently working on a new upcoming EP, including four brand new songs and a 
cover of "Heaven And Hell" by John Entwistle.
In the meanwhile the song "House Of Love", taken from "Not A Life-Saving Device", has been
chosen to be included in the soundtrack of the upcoming US movie "The Other Side Of The
, directed by A.D. Calvo and with the TV series 'Roswell' star Brendan Fehr in the
leading role.
While "Shine" and "Run" from the same album are included in the digital split "The Big Eye",
realized together with The Mirrors, with cover art by Andy from Bluvertigo, which has been released in Italy under the indie label Echophonic in March 2008.





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